Smuggling Antiquity – Links for 19 Nov.

Here are some of the stories, articles, or websites that attracted our interest this week.  We hope you’ll find them interesting too!

  • Here’s a blog article on why you should think carefully before you purchase an antique coin.
  • Speaking of smuggling, here’s an interesting look from the BBC about Christopher Marinello’s work at the Art Recovery Group to recover lost and stolen works of art from Syria and other places.
  • Even Hobby Lobby is under suspicion for participating in the illicit trade according to a report by USA Today.
  • Completely unrelated but still fascinating, Luigi Miragliac was recently interviewed (Latine!) about the importance of the humanities during a conference in Bulgaria.
  • Mary Beard in her column A Don’s Life posts her suspicions on 18th and 19th century reading exams for PhD candidates and how well classics scholars really knew their languages.
  • If you liked this week’s Feature Post, perhaps you’ll also enjoy this article on Espionage in Ancient Rome from History Net.

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