Grammar, Garum, and Germanic Tribes: Links 17 Dec.

Here are some of the interesting stories, articles, and miscellany we found interesting this week.

  • Phuc Tran, who studied Classics at UMASS, gives an excellent Ted Talk on identity, thought, and grammatical mood.
  • Garum discovered off the coast of Italy?
  • A site where Caesar wiped out two Germanic tribes, the Tencteri and the Usipetes, may have been found in the Netherlands.  Read the story in de bello Gallico, liber quartus.
  • Horace’s birthday was Dec. 8th, and to celebrate Tyrtarion has recorded a lovely version of Horace Ode 1.11.
  • A discussion from the blog of the Classics Department at the University of Glasgow about a rediscovered adagia manuscript.

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