Latin-language Blogs, Tech-World Classicists, and Lorem Ipsum: Links for 10 March

Here are some curiosities we’ve found around the Internet this week:

  • The Paideia Institute has begun two new blogs aimed at intermediate Latin and Greek readers.  They also have a Chrome app extension that allows you to look-up the definition of any Latin or Greek word you find on a website.
  • Forbes has an article about Tim O’Reilly, a Harvard-educated classics major who writes a series of books on programming and other technical subjects.
  • The National Latin Exam’s “Forum Romanum” faux newscast videos are now available for free on YouTube.
  • Ever wonder about the story behind Lorem Ipsum and how it became the default typeset text?  The website OpenCulture has the answer!
  • The British School at Rome‘s chef recently cooked an Apicius-inspired meal, and some of the lovely pictures are shared on its blog.

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