Latin Lectures, Love Affairs, and Laconic Links for 5 May

Here are some items we found interesting this week.  Hope you enjoy!

  • The Paideia Institute published the first of its video footage from February’s Living Latin in New York City conference.  Entitled “Verba Vetusta, Res Novae” from Terence Tunberg, it comes complete with full Latin transcripts and subtitles!
  • The New York Times reviews a new Roman cookbook by Katie Parla and Kristina Gill.
  • Ann Patty, whose book on her romance with Latin comes out this June, is interviewed about her love affair with Latin in Publishers Weekly.
  • If you enjoy board games, you might be interested in a game in development from GMT Games and how it models the Peloponnesian War and the struggles of competing political factions in both Athens and Sparta.
  • Finally, an essay from The Irish Times that argues for philosophy’s place in schools.

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