Quid Agitur? (February 5)

Some noteworthy upcoming contests, symposia, and events:

  • The Phyllis B. Katz Prize for Excellence in Undergraduate Research is awarded to an undergraduate student of Classics in support of his or her research endeavors. The winning entry will be read by the recipient of the prize during the Annual Meeting of CANE (see below). The author will receive an award of $200, free registration for the meeting and the cost of hotel accommodations if needed. Entries are due February 15.
  • The Futures of Classical Antiquity, March 4 at Smith College, presented by the Department of Classical Languages and Literatures. Registration deadline is February 24.
  • The Bernice L. Fox writing contestsponsored by the Classics Department at Monmouth College, has announced its topic: A Figure from Classical History, Literature, or Mythology as the Next President of the United States. High school students are asked to “make a pitch for a classical figure as president, or depict that person acting as president or on the campaign trail,” with $250 awarded to the author of the best submission. Entries are due March 15.
  • National Latin Teacher Recruitment Week is scheduled for March but can be celebrated whenever convenient for your classroom; you can use any day or week to talk to your students about the joys and realities of becoming a Latin teacher. We need more teachers ready to take up the charge, as we know from the article which Ronnie Ancona and Kathleen Durkin wrote for Amphora. There are many resources to be found here, including a mini-grant application.  Grants of up to $200 can be requested every other year and can be put toward receptions, speakers, giveaways, and more. It would be especially wonderful to see more K-12 teachers taking advantage of the funding opportunities available. Please contact Keely Lake (klake@wayland.org) for more information.
  • And of course, remember to register for the 2017 CANE Annual Meeting, March 17-18 at Phillips Exeter Academy. Register online here. If you prefer snail mail, please go here to find a printable registration form.

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