Tickets now on sale for Aristophanes’ Clouds (Vermont Classical Play and City Dionysia), March 27–29, 2020

Tickets now on sale for Aristophanes’ Clouds (Vermont Classical Play and City Dionysia), March 27–29, 2020 at the Main Street Landing Black Box Theater in Burlington, Vermont:

This joint production by UVM and Burlington High School features an original collaborative translation; ‘new ancient’ music with live ‘ancient band’; and choreography, costumes, sets, and projections inspired by ancient Greek art and archeology. Each show is preceded by a lecture (Penny Evans, UVM; Roberta Stewart (Dartmouth); Jeffrey Henderson (BU); Pavlos Sfyroeras (Middlebury). The Friday and Saturday evening lectures are also accompanied by a local wine-tasting festival! 

Aristophanes Clouds is generously funded by UVM’s Humanities Center and College of Arts and Sciences, the Vermont Humanities Council, and the Loeb Classical Library Foundation.

For more information on the play, lectures, and wine-festival, please see attached poster and visit

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