Links for the Week of 18 November

A description (with pictures!) of the battle of Alesia: (via @Nihil_Novi_Net)
Mathematics texts in Latin (and Arabic and Sanskrit and other languages: (via @LacusCurtius)
More Latin in schools in Britain: (via @miconm)
A brief piece about Heron of Alexander: (via @ancientblogger)
A new papal Latin academy: @DHSBClassics)
A tool to find parallels in Latin texts: (via @classicslibrary)
Hunger and Roman slaves: (via @DrKillgrove)
An interesting site about Homer: (via @
Latin is making a comeback in Australia: (via @history_geek)
Learning a language quickly: (via @Hadrianasblog)
Conference report on “Nutrition and Well-being in the Roman World:” (via @DrKillgrove)