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Links for 30 May

Alpheios is a plug-in for Firefox that shows on-demand glossing and grammatical data for ancient texts.
Memrise is another memorization website (like Quia, Quizlet, or Anki). What makes this one unique is the ability to create your own mnemonics or other ways to remember information.
The Packard Humanities Institute (PHI) has released its canon of Classical Latin authors online. It also includes concordances of words.
The Digital Classicist Wiki includes many resources, tools, and online projects related to Classics. A great place to browse and see what’s out there.
Luke Henderson discusses his use of active Latin in the classroom and shows an impressive feature film (in Latin!) created by his students.
Marvel at some wonderfully preserved gladiator mosaics from Bad Kreuznach, Germany.

Propaganda in Caesar and Vergil

This week’s feature post comes to us from Ruth Breindel:
After reading Vergil and Caesar for the AP, I give my students this assignment, so that they can see how propaganda is used by both authors.  During the year we discuss propaganda – the portrayal of Aeneas, the scenes in Book 6 of the Aeneid, Caesar’s discussions of the Gauls and how he makes himself look better – and its importance to the text and the authors (especially Vergil, writing at the time of Augustus!).  By linking it to modern day examples, the students see how propaganda continues even now, and how effective it can be.
In addition, take a look at this article that was just published:

Announcements for 26 May

CANE Announcements

  • Last chance to register for the CANE Summer Institute, which runs until 1 June. There is still space available. Carpe diem!

Beyond CANE Announcements

  • Deadline to apply for ACL’s executive committee positions is 1 June.
  • Registration for Belmont Abbey College’s Veterum Sapientia ends 1 June.
  • The World Languages Department at Wenatchee Valley College announces a new web site to support its Latin program as well as spoken-Latin activities in the Pacific Northwest. “Boreoccidentales” provides a forum for the events and activities of the Circulus Latinus Seattlensis (“Seattle Latin-Speaking Club”) and the Conventiculum Vasintoniense/Septimana Californiana. The web site also houses Cataracta, an online journal, with works by modern Latin authors. Inclusion in the online journal is open to anyone, world-wide! For more information, please contact Dr. Stephen Berard through the “Contact Us” web form at
  • Septimana Californiana, based on the lovely campus of Loyola Marymount University, is a full-immersion Latin workshop offering thought-provoking discussions, readings from Latin literature, Latin composition exercises, communal meals (most of which are included in the price), and informative lectures given by expert Latin speakers on a variety of topics. Participants will also enjoy guided tours, given in Latin, to many of Los Angeles’ sights. Excursions include the Huntington Library, the Getty Center, the Long Beach Aquarium, and downtown Los Angeles.
    Program Dates: July 1-8, 2013
    Head Instructor: Dr. Stephen Berard, World Languages, Wenatchee Valley College.