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CANE Annual Meeting 2020 1

The Annual Meeting at Trinity College is only a few weeks away, March 13-14, so please remember to register and come to Hartford. Registration is open at caneweb.org, where you can also renew your membership in a separate link.

There are events combining the useful and the sweet (as Horace says):

  • Several panels on Latin literature, notably the standard authors Vergil and Caesar, and other cutting-edge scholarship on the ancient world;
  • A workshop specifically for those who teach in small liberal arts colleges: “Two Years of ‘The Classics Tuning Project’: Competencies, Value, and Visibility in the Classics at Small Liberal Arts Schools”;
  • Reports on outreach efforts from around New England: in Massachusetts and Rhode Island where adult groups are reading Latin and Greek in the original, and in Connecticut where Yale is teaching incarcerated people Latin;  
  • The usual complement of teaching workshops on comprehensible input and curriculum development, including several for college level teachers;
  • Special sessions sponsored by the Lupercal reading group, by the Multiculturalism, Race & Ethnicity in Classics Consortium, and by the Society for Classical Studies;
  • Meetings about the future of some of the most active divisions of CANE: the CANE Summer Institute and NECJ;
  • And finally, a special session celebrating 150 Years of Classics in New England.  

And if you are able to make it, try to bring a classicist friend! The more people who are involved in CANE the better, and we always need new members to help carry on the many things we do. On that topic, if you have an interest in serving CANE in any capacity, please get in touch with me at president@caneweb.org

Even if you are not able to come, please remember to rejoin CANE. The membership year runs from July to June, and you may have let it lapse! Again, the address is caneweb.org

John Higgins, President, CANE