Links for the Week of 10 March

Call for Papers

The Digital Classics Association has sent out a call for papers for their panel at the 2014 APA Conference. Deadline is 29 March 2013.


Article by Mary Beard on Pompeii with an interactive map. (via @wmarybeard)
Free e-book on Pompeii from the British Museum. (via @cortsims and Emil Penarubia)


Secrets of Ancient Greek gastronomy.
(via @SarahEBond)
Review of a recipe from Pass the Garum, with a picture of a Roman soldier in full kit eating it. (via @ancientblogger)
Recipe for Roman bread. (via @ClassicsAlberta)

Petitions and Fundraising

Petition to save the Gladiator tomb. (via @SaveRome)
Raising money for Doctors without Borders and Combat Stress by walking Hadrian’s Wall. (via @BenKaneAuthor)

Reasons to study Classics

Essay on studying Classics. (via @rogueclassicist)
APA blog post on reasons to study non-STEM subjects. (via @apaclassics)

Summer Opportunities

“Living Latin, Living History,”an immersion spoken Latin course in Rome that runs from 12 June to 1 July. (via @apaclassics)


Map of Roman trade routes. (via @ancientblogger)
Map of marble quarries near Rome (link is to a Twitter-hosted image.) (via @SarahEBond)
The seven hills of Rome, with Google street views.(via @italofileblog)
Silk road route map.(via @ancientblogger)


Roman army camp in Germany. (via @quinnkl)
Temple to Jupiter Stator may have been found. (via @DrKillgrove)
Pictures of excavations under St. Peter’s in Rome during the 1950s.(via @ByzCapp)

Roman Women

Primary source texts about Roman women.(via @DCComm)
A list of interesting Roman women. (via @tronchin)


This post from Latin for Addicts talks about Latin words from Proto Indo European.


A summary of information on the missing Ninth Legion. (via @carolemadge)

Book Review

Review of Mary Beard’s new book. (via @TelegraphBooks)


Recordings of mythological stories. (via @classicslibrary)
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