Forms, Posters, and the Start of the Year

I have always tried various ways to get my year and my students’ year of to a smooth start.  I have always wanted them to to get to know me and for me to get to know them.  And, of course, I want to get to know the parents and what the students’ home life is like.
I was describing my methods to Lydia and she suggested I post them here.  There are five papers that I give my students on the first day: a Syllabus, a Getting to Know You Questionnaire, an Experience and Goals Questionnaire, a Personality Quiz, and a Poster Scavenger Hunt.
The Syllabus
The syllabus contains ALL of my rules and expectations.  EVERYTHING the students need to know about grading and otherwise is contained in the syllabus.  I go over it with them, and attach a form to the end, which they must return to me.  I encourage them to have their parents tell me ANYTHING they want to about their child.  I will not share these, I tell them, it is for me.  Best info I will ever get.
The Getting to Know You Questionnaire
This questionnaire is one of my favourites.  I love reading them because students will tell me SO much!  Before asking them to fill this out, I always show them what mine would look like, so that they can get to know me, and tell them that I will not share them with anyone–these are just for me to get to know you.
The Experience and Goals Questionnaire
This one is super useful.  It is designed to give you an overall view of the student’s previous experiences and the student’s experience with Latin and the student’s goals for the future in general and for Latin.
The Personality Quiz
This is a basic Learning Style quiz.  I tell them before I have them fill it out that it is for me, so that I can more effectively plan lessons for them.
The Poster Scavenger Hunt
Many of you may remember the post I did about my Classroom Posters.  The Poster Scavenger Hunt is what I use to get the students up and moving around the room, so that they can get to know the posters I have and how those posters can help them.  They have a GREAT time with this.
I hope this gives you all some new ideas!! 🙂

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