Feature Posts: Let's Get Meta

If you’ve been reading CANEns recently, you’ve probably noticed there are three posts per week: Announcements on Sundays, Links on Thursdays, and something interesting and different each week on Tuesdays.
Lydia, Ben, TJ, and I (Emily) are always thinking of interesting, relevant ideas we have to share with our readers. We write them up into something coherent, and post them to CANEns for you!  We’ve gone through everything from pedagogy and teaching ideas to field trips to book reviews.
We hope you’ve enjoyed them so far, but now, it’s time for some audience participation!
We at CANEns are curious: What would you like to see in Feature Posts?  Do you want more teaching ideas?  More book reviews?  More field trip ideas?  Something else I haven’t listed here?  Please tell us in the comments, or by emailing Ben Revkin at webmaster@caneweb.org.
Do you have a cool idea to share?  We encourage our readers to write feature posts!  If you are interested in writing a feature post, please either leave a comment here, under this post, or send an email to Ben Revkin at webmaster@caneweb.org.
Gratias Maximas!

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